Tuesday, November 09, 2010

ANCYL supports North Korea, a Communist Dictatorship and Pariah State

"We support North Korea, unapologetically," ANCYL spokesperson Floyd Shivambu told Reuters. "We have never said anything except declaring support for North Korea."

A report on KCNA news agency in August said: "The secretary of the ANC Youth League of South Africa praised Kim Jong-il as the great guardian who firmly guarantees peace and security of not only the Korean Peninsula but the world with his sonngun (military-first) politics."
Shivambu denied the youth league made the comments. ANC officials responsible for international affairs declined to comment on the KCNA reports.

Nuclear pursuit

The Democratic Alliance said cosying up to the north could undermine trust in the ruling party, and called on the ANC to enforce discipline.
"The ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe should take action against his youth league, if it turns out that they have indeed provided vocal support for the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il," said the party's youth chair Mbali Ntuli.
Shivambu also denied North Korea was pursuing nuclear weapons, despite repeated statements by the north's government officials and its state-sanctioned media that it was building a nuclear arms deterrent to counter what it sees as hostile US intents.

SHOOT: Shouldn't be surprising.  The ANCYL are all about power, oppression, self enrichment and contradiction.  In short, traditional African politicians.

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