Wednesday, November 24, 2010

5 Fundamentals to turn your life around

1. Take control of your mind. Feed and strengthen the mind. Stand guard on what others are saying.  Fear and uncertainty leach brain power and cause inner chaos.  Every day stand guard at the door of your mind.
2. Feed and strengthen your body. Changing your body, your physiology helps change your mind.  Fear is physical.  Turn it around by strengthening your body, running, or pumping weights or doing something intense where you push yourself through. Feel yourself force through your prior limitations.  The best way to deal with somethinbg physical is get physical.  Train your body and mind to get stronger.
3. Get a role model that inspires you and shows the way.  You have to believe in something.  A role model is a real example.
4. Get a plan a take massive action.  Get momentum going.  Move.  Progress creates happiness.
5. Most important of all: Feed your spirit.  Define what you're grateful for.  What is it that's so lucky in your life.  Give.  Do something for someone else that is worse off than you are.  So many people miss the opportunity to feel that their lives makes a difference.  Motive does matter.
- A summary of a talk by Tony Robbins. Watch it here.

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