Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The one-in-a-million photo of Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods gives us the greatest golf photo you'll ever see

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Check that photo from the weekend's Ryder Cup action. No, it's not staged or Photoshopped. That's really Tiger Woods hitting a golf ball straight at the camera.
How'd it happen? By mistake. The cameraman, Mark Pain of the Daily Mail, was in the proper position on the 18th hole when Woods flat-out duffed his shot. The ball hit Pain's camera and dropped to the ground. But unlike many instances when Woods and caddy Stevie Williams have taken issue with photographers, Tiger had nothing to say here. He knew he was in the wrong, not Pain.
(Aside: best part of the gallery in this picture? The smiling dude with the cigar on the right side of the frame. He's the only thing about this photo that looks fake.) 
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Of course, the fact that the photographer was in the right didn't stop Woods from offering Pain a withering glare as he left the course:

Bravo, Mr. Pain. It's the rare photographer that can claim to have taken a golf shot to the face.

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