Thursday, October 14, 2010

Going Fishing with the Corsa Utility

Corsa Utility is just so...utilitarian - by Nick van der Leek
 There are three things I really like about this little vehicle. 
1. The back flap has a lock.  You may think it's a bum feature [excuse the pun] but have a look at a similar vehicle, like a Ford Bantam.  Not having a backflap that can lock is a bit of a bummer.  The ease of locking the canvas into place is also very nifty.
 2. The brake light over the cockpit is another nice touch, just adding a dash of safety when driving on the highway.  If you slow down it's that much more visible.
 3.  And finally, don't you find it irritating when you turn off the vehicle the radio gets turned off too?  Doesn't happen with the Corsa.  The sound system only deactivates once the key [in the off position] is removed from the ignition touch.  Nice going.

After 57 months on the market, this vehicle passed the milestone of 100 000 units sold.  Currently it's the second most popular light commercial vehicle in its class. More info here.

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