Saturday, September 04, 2010

Virgin: the lowest broadband prices in America, period!

If you hadn’t noticed, unlimited-data plans are fast disappearing — but here’s Virgin, offering up an unlimited Internet plan as if it never got the memo.
Second, Virgin requires no contract. You can sign up for service only when you need it. In other words, it’s totally O.K. with Virgin if you leave the thing in your drawer all year, and activate it only for, say, the two summer months when you’ll be away. That’s a huge, huge deal in this era when every flavor of Internet service, portable or not, requires a two-year commitment.
Third, the service price for this no-commitment, unlimited, portable hot spot is — are you sitting down? — $40 a month.
That’s no typo. It’s $40 a month.

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SHOOT: $40 is R280.  Cell C's deal, announced today, undercuts the Virgin offer, but still offers a cap.  Maybe soon we'll see even that fall away.  Who thought we'd start to draw level with the USA's pricing and connectivity structure so soon?

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