Monday, September 06, 2010

The View from my Bicycle [COLUMN]

Visiting Color and Shapes - by Nick van der Leek

Once again this blog has been overlooked by the South African blog awards. The reason is probably due to the mixture of non-original content with original content. The original content on this blog probably exceeds the original content of many other similar blogs. That said, going forward I intend emphasising original content rather than pointing to numerous news articles that I believe are important and worthy of interest. Many people have expressed an appreciation for the aggregation of news I've provided, but first and foremost this blog is intended to demonstrate my skill as a photographer and writer, to communicate issues worthy of our attention, rather than an exercise in news editing, news shovelling and aggregating.
I suppose, if I am to continue to share any these stories, perhaps I will post links in a dedicated section.
Is it worth pandering to the SA Blog Awards? The quality of the blogs they consider finalists isn't necessarily flattering. In the meantime, I will try to emphasise original content and see how that goes. If it improves my craft and improves this blog, I will continue, if not, then I will maintain the sort of coverage I've been providing. Your input and feedback will be much appreciated.

Now, without further ado, a look at some orginal photography:

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