Monday, September 20, 2010

Soon we'll all be Pig Spotters - Moerdyk

South Africa's latest celebrity, PigSpotter, has proved two very important points.

Firstly, that if the authorities don't get on with cracking down on graft and corruption in its own ranks, the public is going to take the law into its own hands.

Government inactivity and failure to keep promises results in vigilante groups being formed by ordinary people to do the job the authorities should be doing.

To say that vigilantism is dangerous is putting it mildly. Mob rule is an extremely nasty thing.

The second important point is the increasing power of the consumer thanks to social media such as Twitter.

This extremely efficient and easy to use form of communication has proven to be incredibly powerful with two great examples in just a week. Read the rest.

SHOOT: The cops must be quivering in their socks.  At last there is someone watching them, eyes and ears everywhere.  We should make more use of this sort of social media to self govern, and hold others accountable.  Especially in South Africa where so many take their chances on someone elses mint.

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