Thursday, September 02, 2010

So you want to appear in FHM? You'll need a photographer then!

FHM ModelBook is live!

The much anticipated FHM ModelBook is now live!

FHM ModelBook provides a platform for aspirant FHM models to realise their dreams and aspirations while developing a profile with FHM’s online users. And, it’s simple to use and puts the power of social networking straight into your hands!
FHM ModelBook lets you create and manage your own online modeling portfolio, connect with your fans and even other models! And girls who prove most popular with FHM users will be featured in FHM magazine!

Here are a few simple FAQs for all those interested models who wish to use the service and earn their shot at fame, fortune and FHM exposure!
Click here to create a profile and get started.

What is FHM ModelBook?
FHM ModelBook is FHM’s social networking community for FHM Models. By creating an FHM profile and joining the FHM ModelBook group, you’ll be able to upload and share pictures with the FHM community and other models, in effect managing your very own online modeling portfolio on FHM! As you participate in the FHM ModelBook community, you’ll earn achievements and build your very own model brand!

What is FHM Models 2011, and how is it different to FHM ModelBook?
FHM Models 2011 is a voting competition, whereas FHM ModelBook is a social networking platform. You will need a profile that’s part of the FHM ModelBook group to be considered eligible for entry into FHM Models 2011.

Will I lose my profile on FHM ModelBook once FHM Models 2011 ends?
No. Your profile on FHM ModelBook is persistent, and is yours to manage freely. Use it to promote yourself, your shoots, your events – anything you’d like!

What are the benefits of joining FHM ModelBook?
Beyond having your very own online portfolio that you can manage that’s tied to FHM, joining FHM ModelBook is required to participate in FHM modeling properties such as FHM Models 2011.

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