Monday, September 06, 2010

7 day mental diet

• Focus on how it is
• Decide what you want
• Make it happen
• What you focus on you get
• See it better than it is
• Make it the way you want it
• Focus on what is right
• Focus on what you do have not what you don’t have
• Condition yourself, develop the habit of positive thinking
• If you have a negative thought you don’t say it, or if you do, you erase it
• Don’t hold a negative thought for 7 straight days
• Be positive about solutions while still seeing the challenges
• Not one negative thought that you hold on to
• Notice what is great about a situation
• Instead of judging others, decide to be curious
• Develop the habit of giving compliments
• Find something to appreciate, but appreciate what isn’t working (critical thinking)
• Decide not to be perfect – perfection is a road to negativity
• I’m not perfect but I am good, I’m better, I’m improving

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