Friday, July 09, 2010

Women's Health: Best time for women to orgasm

10:34pm on saturday eh? So that gives me some time to get my shit together. But not much.
Women's Health

Think you're the only one stressing about your orgasm? Think again...

Saturday 10.34PM
Day and time you're most likely to have an orgasm

Minutes it takes the average woman to reach orgasm

Minutes it takes the average man to reach orgasm

Percentage of women who always climax on top

Percentage of women who climax during oral sex

Percentage of men who stress about timing a simultaneous orgasm

Nearly 1 in 2
Number of women who think synchronicity makes good sex great

Percentage of women who have faked an orgasm

Percentage of women who need an orgasm to find sex satisfying

Here's what to eat to boost your orgasm.

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