Monday, July 26, 2010

Which strategy should the Boks employ for the 2011 World Cup

The Bulls kicking-orientated strategy [which works at high altitude] won't help in New Zealand in 15 months time. Nou wat nou? Should they maintain structures with kick and chase as king, or employ more willy-nilly running?

SHOOT: The answer is, do what you do best. Structures work for the Boks, but in NZ they won't be able to kick and chase. So stick to structures and run when you're in the opponent's 22. I don't think, given the current squad, that running would work. The kiwis and wallabies are both choosing the freer, running style. If we want to compete with themon their terms we'll have to usher in new, fleet-footed, younger Boks who can also run.
But let's face it, right now our chances of success in 2011 aren't looking good.
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It is alleged that significant differences exist between the coaching style espoused by the two assistants, Gary Gold, who has always been from the more structured school, and Dick Muir, who as we saw with his Lions in the Super 14, is in favour of a more free flowing style of play.

Head coach Peter de Villiers takes his lead from them and is said to be undecided on the way forward, while the players, who had the major say in playing style under the old interpretations last season, where they employed what could be described as the Jake White template, are divided in the absence of a clear voice to guide them.

Regardless of the veracity or otherwise of the reports, it was clear from the three matches in Australasia, but particularly the last two, that the Boks are caught between a rock and a hard place and are unclear what to do. Their game-plan seems to fluctuate between the old one, where structure and kick and chase is king, and one where willy-nilly running is the order of the day.

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