Thursday, July 15, 2010

Which Country Spends Most Time Searching For Porn?

SHOOT: Answer, Pakistan.

The irony is overwhelming. Pakistan constantly supervises the web for ‘anti-Islamic content' and in the process has banned over a dozen websites, has, at one point suspended access to Facebook, and continues to monitor sites such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Amazon, MSN, and Hotmail. (Maybe you've heard of some of them.) But despite vigilant policing online, Pakistan still managed to come out number one for pornographic searches. (via Fox News).

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Google, after recently running an analysis of its search queries, was able to determine which country stands at number one in sex-related content search. And you'll never guess which one won out.

It's Pakistan. This Muslim nation, notorious for conservatism, religious orthodoxy, and fanatical censorship seems to actually be the world's forerunner in sex searches online according to data in Google Trends parsed by Fox News. It seems contrary that a nation who responds to blasphemy charges with execution is also the nation with more searches for a number of searches related to beastiality, sexual violence and other beyond-the-pale search terms.

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Anonymous said...

ISLAMABAD: Google officially denied the accuracy of its search trends that declared Pakistan as the top nation searching for illicit material on the internet, according to Dawn sources.

In an email sent to on Saturday, Therese Lim who works for Google’ communications and Public Affairs Southeast Asia team said, “We do our best to provide accurate data and to provide insights into broad search patterns, but the results for a given query, such as those reported in this story from Pakistan, may contain inaccuracies because the sample size is too small for the results to be statistically sound.”

Internet Service Provider Association of Pakistan has also declared statistics regarding pornography in Pakistan as flawed.

There are eight million users of internet in Pakistan which makes only five per cent of the country's total population