Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What is the coldest place in South Africa?

SHOOT: It's a toss up between Sutherland, Molteno and the verlate vlaktes of the Free State.
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Last week, the lowest maximum temperature for July was reached in Molteno (or Buffelsfontein) - a chilly 11.5°C. The previous lowest maximum temperature for July (12.2°C) was measured in 2008.
Sutherland's official coldest day was on July 12 2003, when the mercury fell to -16°C.
Nevertheless, Mariana Bernardo, a weather observer from Sutherland who has monitored the temperature in the town for several years, insists that Sutherland is the coldest town – and even colder than many people think. She said the temperatures shown on television are not the real thing.
Last week, temperatures here ranged between -11°C and -19°C, according to her measurements.
In 2005, Tracy Gill from the SA Weather Service officially crowned Molteno, or rather Buffelsfontein, as South Africa's coldest town.
on Monday, both Molteno and Sutherland had to stand back for two towns in the Free State. Warden and Fouriesburg were the coldest towns in South Africa on Monday morning, both measuring -8°C.
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