Thursday, July 15, 2010

Top 10 Ways To Piss Off A Photographer

1. "We saw a really great angle on television at that event you are covering, do you have anything to match it."
2. "AP has a picture of the president winking to a cute girl in the crowd, do you?"
3. "Oh, it's three a.m. there? That's weird, it's only noon here."
4. "Do you have anything on the flooding in North Vietnam?" (This while covering the war from Saigon, the north being enemy territory . . .).
5. "Couldn't you have gotten an economy ticket?" (asked after I got off a 16-hour flight to jump right into coverage of insurrection in a Third World country).
6. "Why didn't you shoot both color and black and white?"
7. "Couldn't you have left more room at the top of the frame for the logo?"
8. "Do you have anything else on the two presidents shaking hands?" (Of course, I always hold the best stuff back . . .).
9. "Why did you let that television guy get in front of you?"
10. "Is there any reason that the picture of those guys shooting at you is a little shaky?"

SHOOT: My biggie is people who agree to a shoot then cancel unexpectedly on the day. You find out because they don't turn up, and then don't answer their phones.
1) Try 'clever' tricks to save
2) Don't understand
what it's like in the real world.

3) Screw up the

This is usually related to having little idea
what it's like in the real world. Scheduling is very important to a
photographer, especially when the photo editor is the person setting up
the shooting appointment with the subjects.

4) Expect unlimited
use of an image, for free.
5) Be difficult to

6) Ask them to copy
the style of another photographer.

Most people who become
photographers do so because it's a creative outlet. It allows them the
freedom to express their own vision. Not understanding this very basic
concept will piss off any photographer who has pride in their work.

7) Have a big ego.
8) Offer a photo
credit as payment.
9) Use images without
10) Crop their photos
to the point of obscurity.
This is like cutting the
first 2 paragraphs out of a writer's story, and expecting the writer to
be perfectly fine with it.
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