Thursday, July 15, 2010

Top 10 Ways To Make A Photographer Fall In Love With You

Realize that making pictures, for us, is way more than a job, or hobby.

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10) Have the courage to think
9) Be aware - beyond
your own publication.

"I love it when you notice my photo credit in some random
publication and drop me a line telling me you liked my images." -
Lynn Donaldson

8) Have fun.
Photographers who are having fun are the best to work with - and editors
are no different.

"Detect and activate your sense of humor." - Daniel

7) Give compliments.
6) Give constructive
criticism and feedback.
There's a
difference between a complaint, and a suggestion that, if followed,
could result in more assignments. Photographers know the difference.
5) Help promote
4) Hire them for
their style, let them shoot their style.
3) Respect them.
Treat them as a partner.

"Be professional. Don't act like you are doing the
photographer a favor by contacting them." - Daniel Milnor

2) Be easy to
1) Pay them on time,
and don't be cheap.

"Agree that there's no such
thing as a half-day rate." - David Hume Kennerly

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