Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Spain wins World Cup - Dutch were punished for playing cynical football

The 2010 final will be remembered as the occasion when the Netherlands, perhaps, chose to transfer the boot to the other foot; tried to burgle the World Cup as some sort of anti-pretty brigade against aesthetic superiors themselves.

But it backfired. Again.

SHOOT: Yep, not sure why they didn't play offensively in the style that has worked throughout the whole tournament.
clipped from www.sport24.co.za
Johannesburg – The Netherlands tried to crudely drag their Soccer World Cup final opponents at Soccer City here into the abattoir. Only Spain’s artists stubbornly would not comply on Sunday.
Marginally the underdogs in the eyes of canny judges before the showpiece anyway, the Dutch simultaneously sent out a signal that would have perked up their foes: we don’t really believe we can topple you under orthodox circumstances.
Spain, in their first ever final, would not deviate from their contrasting, pro-football values.
And it paid off -- even if they made hair-raisingly heavy weather of landing the killer touch.
In fairness, rosy opportunities were spurned by both sides, with important last-ditch saves off their legs at different stages by rival goalkeepers Iker Casillas and Maarten Stekelenburg.
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