Thursday, July 15, 2010

SLATER: Surfing in the wind is an art in itself

SHOOT: So is surfing, period.
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Surfing in the wind is an art in itself. There are two waves that really stand out in the surf world where wind is a huge factor—Sunset Beach and J-Bay. In really strong offshore winds, if you’re not right on top of your board and in total control, your board will get blown away. I highly recommend riding a smaller board in the wind, because while a bigger board will help you catch the wave, it will be hugely affected by the offshore wind when you try to turn.
In this shot, you can see I’m super low to my board. I generally do that when I ride a small board in big waves. I try to stay real close to the board and keep my center of gravity low, that way I can be in total control at all times. Generally, in the middle of a turn wind doesn’t play as much of a factor, mainly because you are pushing so hard against your board, and your fins and rails are engaged. It’s between those turns that the wind will be a factor.
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