Monday, July 19, 2010

"The sinbinning of Rossouw was diabolical, the distorting of a major international sporting contest on scant evidence."

"Rossouw would have been a big part of the Springboks' early plans to tie up possession and turn the forward battle into trench warfare. He made their first significant tackle, smashing Owen Franks backwards.

"Moreover, we, the paying public, not to mention the Springboks, deserved an honest contest, and not one altered by a ridiculous yellow card. The All Blacks also deserved to have their victory scored in the fairest of conditions.

"Rolland clearly stated that the yellow card was for kicking, but Rossouw did not use his boot, and did not make any significant contact with his knee.

SHOOT: It sucks, but it's over, so suck it up and raise your game.
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"You'll see more dangerous pushing and shoving in the pie queue. In fact, the pies themselves are probably more dangerous.

"Rossouw used a hand to flick Richie McCaw, who was sitting on the ground, around the temple and perhaps a little close to the eyes for comfort. What ensued was the letting off of early Test match steam, a bit of push and shove with no damage done.

"McCaw swiped at Rossouw with his forearm. Rossouw responded by shoving a gentle knee in McCaw's direction.

"Replay of the event shows the knee was not even close to making contact with McCaw's head or body, only McCaw's arm.

"The All Blacks were clearly superior, on speed alone, and thoroughly deserved their second-Test victory, although the lineout reverted to a shambles and they made a fair few mistakes.

"What can't be ignored, though, is that the All Blacks were given a significant leg up, scoring 10 points while Rossouw was sitting down.

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