Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Post World Cup blues sweeps across SA ahead of cold front

SHOOT: Quit sulking, start jogging.
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"This World Cup has provided us with a fantastic natural high," said Cape Town psychologist Helgo Schomer.
"Now we have to replace it because within 31 days and a few games you get hooked."
"We are a social animal. We need to admit that something like this in a group in a stadium with 60 000 plus people cannot be replaced by anything else," he said.
"It's the sudden set-in of okay, now things are back to normal, and I think that is the kind of blues and almost depressed feeling that a lot of people have."
As reality crept in, the hype of the mega-event was suddenly gone, once the 64 matches had finished after years of build-up.
For those itching for a vuvuzela or remote control, Schomer said some could face withdrawal symptoms of irritability, frustration and even more swearing.
"There's a touch of melancholy about it's over, it's done," he said.
But the blues will pass, he said, calling on people to replace the natural high.
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