Friday, July 09, 2010

Patta apologises to UFS's Chrisna de Kock

I remember when I saw this on TV I was moved to tears. Glad to hear Patta has apologised, because I think it was called for. Nothing against Patta, but on this occasion she overstepped the mark.
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Johannesburg - Debora Patta, the producer and presenter of the current affairs programme 3rd Degree, has apologised to a FF+ youth leader, after the party accused her of treating the student in an intimidating and condescending manner.
This followed Patta's interview with Chrisna de Kock, a student at the University of the Free State, in which De Kock was accused of racism.
Patta made the apology on Tuesday night during her programme on after an agreement was reached with the FF+ shortly before the Broadcasting Complaints Commission was to rule on it.
While De Kock tried to explain how she reached out to other cultural groups while trying to preserve her own traditions, Patta fired statements about racism at her before accusing her directly of being racist.
A tearful De Kock denied it. But it made no impression on Patta.
Vasili Vass,'s spokesperson, said the channel regarded the way in which Patta had handled the situation as "unfortunate".
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