Monday, July 19, 2010

Open Champ Oosthuizen [who?] sinks a 40-footer with the nervelessness of an assassin

Ah, but he did not just win. He demolished the field in the same devastating manner in which Tiger Woods, in his pomp, had a decade earlier. And he quite spoiled everyone's afternoon entertainment, turning the championship into a pretty dull procession, perhaps one of the least eventful climaxes in its 150-year history.

SHOOT: Is Oost the next Tiger?
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On Thursday, nobody bothered about talking to a no-name. On Friday, he was introduced as Peter. On Saturday, he smiled that still nobody could pronounce his surname. But on Sunday he delivered a performance which ensured that the name Ludowicus Theodorus "Louis" Oosthuizen would become a byword for sporting surreality.

The Open 2010: Louis Oosthuizen writes his name up in lights in Open Championship
Hats off to Louis: New Open champion Louis Oosthuizen, a 200-1 outsider, made sure that everybody knows who he is now.
Because this just does not happen. Cannot happen. A 200-1 outsider at the start of the week – you could even get 500-1 with a couple of bookies, apparently – and a man with one of the most dismal records in major championships comes to the home of golf to become the most surprising St Andrews champion in half a century. No, make that ever.
And then there was his chirpy manner. He seemed, almost eerily, to be immune to the pressure which is supposed to suffocate novice contenders on an Open Sunday.
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