Sunday, July 25, 2010

New York Heats Up

SHOOT: The funny thing about climate change is you can talk it away, but then you start tofind it gets more and more uncomfortable when those temperatures actually start to rise. It's an amazing phenomenon known to some as 'reality'.
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In New York, the heat and humidity combined to give the metropolitan region an almost tropical feel.

The temperature reached 97 degrees in Central Park on Saturday afternoon, tying the high for July 24 set in 1999, according to the weather service.

The torrid conditions on Saturday prompted the weather service to put a heat advisory into effect covering New York City through 6 p.m. Sunday. Mr. Murray said those kinds of advisories were a result of consecutive days of high heat and humidity.

Mr. Murray said the average temperature in Central Park this month, through Friday, was 81.7 degrees, just over 5 degrees above normal.

For firefighters and other emergency responders in New York, the increased heat affects their work in many ways, said Deputy Assistant Chief John Sudnik, the commander of all fire companies in Queens.

Mainly, it makes them busier.

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