Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Madiba waves goodbye, but Madiba is no mascot

SHOOT: Actually Madiba is a very powerful mascot, an icon for what we want the world to be like, and representative of all the good in South Africans. Our love for him says the best about what's inside us, but our fear of him dying shows that we are too afraid to live his legacy ourselves. It's time we started trying to forgive and live and let live. Love the children, conserve nature, help where help is needed. Serve others.
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My heart sank as I saw Graça Machel tell him how to wave. As he rested his arms she would tell him to lift his other hand to the crowd, and like the dutiful servant he is to his people, wave he did. Again his arm would rest on his lap from old age and tiredness; and at times she would lift his hand and almost show him how to wave.
It was sad. I was heart broken. We all know that Graça Machel meant well - she meant no ill will - but it didn’t look right. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. Someone on Twitter even said, “How is it that Graça is teaching Madiba how to wave?” The tweet said what we were thinking.
We tried to ignore the glaring reality because we don’t want to face it. The next time the world will be in such unison might well be the day we bid our final goodbyes to him. I am literally tearing up just thinking about that unthinkable reality.
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