Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lance is the peloton's music affionado

"In time trials, I listen to Rage Against the Machine. It's great for short time trials but a little bit too hard in longer ones," he added.

"To relax, I listen to Elliott Smith, Ben Harper or groups like the John Butler Trio."

SHOOT: Lance got me hooked onto some good music before it hit the mainstream.
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GUEUGNON France (Reuters) - Lance Armstrong does not dictate the tempo of the peloton like he used to yet he is still the pacesetter as far as music on the Tour de France is concerned.

The seven-times champion often tells his followers on Twitter the tunes he is listening to and his fellow riders admire his musical expertise.

"Lance is the guy with the best musical tastes in the bunch," Italian Manuel Quinziato told Reuters on Friday.

"I often turn to him for advice and the most impressive thing is that he actually knows the guys, like Ben Harper, one of my favourite singers.

"I once asked him if he knew Spoon, I meant the music, and he said: 'Oh yeah, the singer is my best friend'," Quinziato added.

Armstrong has been romantically involved with singer Sheryl Crow and has sent tweets of praise about bands and singers such as Blitzen Trapper, Sigur Ros, Ronnie James Dio, country singer Willie Nelson, Ryan Adams, Ray LaMontagne and Bon Iver.

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