Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's not the camera, it's the photographer - what they don't teach you at photoschool

Many photographers think that if they give their images away really cheap in the beginning, they're making a smart business decision that will give them a competitive advantage over a more expensive photographer. After a while, the photographer realizes that they're caught in a trap - they set the bar too low at the start, and are unable to raise prices later.

SHOOT: I never went to photography school and so you learn lessons the hard way, like the one quoted above.
11) How to treat others.

"I feel like life's best lessons are learned
out of school. They are the ones about patience and compassion that take
a person a lot farther than they may realize." - Ami Vitale

10) How to maintain a balanced

"Balance is the key to survival! One thing
that school never prepared me for was to always keep your life in
balance. It's very easy to turn your life over to photography, or
whatever passion you have. Always make time for family, friends and a
cold beer on a hot porch. Preferably all three together!" - Brian

9) How to maintain an ethical
standing in a changing photography business.
8) Where to find story ideas and
things to photograph.

"What I really wished I had learned earlier
was that the best stories are the ones that are right under your nose.
The stories in your community. The stories that a photographer can shoot
over weeks, months or even years." - Scott Strazzante

7) You don't have to be perfect.
4) How to market myself, and my
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