Monday, July 05, 2010

ISUZU KB: Road report

I've just returned from a 5000+km trip, using the superstrong Isuzu KB.

En route to Kruger we drove through a river, with rocks covered in slime - vehicle went across without a slip. On the way back from the Kruger Park I decided to skip the tollgates, and miss Gauteng altogether, driving from Barbeton to Bloem on roads that were not just secondary, but second rate and worse.
I took the vehicle over badly potholed roads, especially around Vrede, and drove around 100km in the dark over unknown gravel roads twisting in the cold dark.  The vehicle handles gravel well even at 80km/h, and took some unprovoked hammering without flinching.  A few times the roads were so bad the vehicle bounced in mid-air.
I'm happy to report, after hours and hours of gruelling driving, after driving over a beer bottle and worse, the wheels and body are fine, alignment fine.  This is a strong, powerful, unslayable beast.

Positives: Tough, great suspension, stylish interior and exterior.  Cruise control is a nice touch, changing to 4x4 and high and low range is simple and easy.
Negatives: Just one, thirsty above 120km/h.

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