Thursday, July 22, 2010

Inception Ranked as 3rd Best Film of all Time on IMDb

SHOOT: Nolan rocks!

It's been a good week for Christopher Nolan's inception after it shot onto screens with glowing reviews and huge box office takings. And it's about to get better with news that film website IMDb (the internet movie database for those not in the know) has it at number three in its top 250 films of all time list. Not bad for a film that's a week old.

The list is calculated based on user's votes giving a 1–10 star rating. And although Inception has fewer votes than most films on the list due to its relative infancy, the ranking is decided by averaging the votes for any one film meaning that the sheer level of early goodwill towards the flick has rocketed it up the list. It sits just behind first place film The Shawshank Redemption (16 years old and with over 500,700 votes) and The Godfather Part One (38 years old, over 398,000 votes). Fellow newbie Toy Story 3 is at number 8.
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