Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In animation - everything has meaning

SHOOT: Color, and nuance. But this can apply to photography and life, where everything is imbued with metaphor or a story. This is how we impute meaning, consciousness and vitality to the present moment, that on it's own, disconnected from the past can often seem a bereft, void fragment on virtual insignificance.
clipped from clothesonfilm.com
Evidently in animation, perhaps more so than live action, nothing on screen happens by chance. Everything has meaning. Even a hedgehog wearing Lederhosen.

Chris, Clothes on Film: Who decides what the Toy Story characters (obviously those with clothes) will wear? Do you have a costume designer?

Lee Unkrich: My production designer Bob Pauley is in charge of the entire team of different designers. Some of the team specifically concentrate on character design, and so if a character happens to be wearing clothes…that is part of the package. There isn’t a separate person designing the clothes; the clothes will come along with the design of the character.

For instance, Mr Pricklepants…we always knew we wanted him to be a hedgehog wearing Lederhosen. We didn’t design the hedgehog toy in a void. We always knew he was going to have Lederhosen on from the get-go with that particular costume.

COF: Ken is clearly a clothes horse. How did you go about researching his costumes?

He is kind of camp.
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