Friday, July 09, 2010

Hup Hup: South Africa backs Holland

SHOOT: I have supported the Dutch since Day 1. In the Orange Free State it's a no is the color used to support the Cheetahs, it's the provincial color after all. For the rest, well the language and cultural similarities are easy to go along with. For me it's even easier...I come from a family of Dutch artists, like Tinus and Gabriel de Jongh. My farther as a lightie spoke Dutch. And all along I've had this feeling it was Nederland's time to shine after coming so close in the past. Hup Holland Hup.
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Cape Town – The Dutch were South Africa's first white settlers more than three centuries ago, but ahead of the World Cup final on Sunday, locals said that's all history.
"I'm supporting the Netherlands. It doesn't matter to me. That was then, now it's now, it's a free country," said Fundi Nqoloba, 34, who is following her 11-year-old son in cheering for the team.
The Dutch were the "closest team to South Africa", explained Goesain Sadien, 27, whose favourite player is Arsenal-based Dutch striker Robin van Persie.
The Dutch under Jan van Riebeeck built South Africa's oldest surviving building, the Castle of Good Hope, where tour guide Grace Mahalefele, 27, will also be hoping for a Dutch win over Spain on Sunday.
"If they didn't build the Castle, I wouldn't have been working here," she said in the courtyard of the 344-year-old fort.
"But from the start until now since they've reached the final, I think they've really played very well."
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