Monday, July 19, 2010

Dreamliner comes online...well, not quite

Boeing is hanging its future on the mid-sized plane -- its first new model in more than a decade -- which draws on huge advances in aviation technology and is capable of flying long-haul routes with up to 20 percent less fuel.

The fuel efficiency is largely down to the fact that up to half the twin-aisle Dreamliner is made of lightweight composite materials, such as carbon fibre-reinforced resin, according to the company.

SHOOT: See how hard it is to design something that is truly fuel efficient. But no matter how efficient you are, you're still burning a finite resource.
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Boeing's Dreamliner completes first flight outside US

FARNBOROUGH, United Kingdom (AFP) – Boeing's 787 Dreamliner jet, whose delivery to clients likely faces fresh delay, landed here Sunday after its first flight outside of the United States ahead of a major airshow.

The test plane touched ground at Farnborough airport at 9:08 am (0808 GMT), watched by journalists from around the world, a day before the opening of the Farnborough International Airshow, where aircraft makers are hoping to secure big orders.

Dubai's Emirates airline is expected to announce the order of 30 Boeing long-range 777 aircraft at the trade show, The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday, citing sources.

"It's such a nice plane," Mike Bryan, the pilot who flew the Dreamliner to Britain from the United States told reporters in Farnborough.

"I can't find a pilot who doesn't love it. I'm privileged enough to fly it."

"While we're committed to 2010 I think there's a possibility that the delivery could push over into January," he told reporters in London.

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