Friday, July 23, 2010

The Case Against Armstrong

SHOOT: I think everyone is hoping that all that inspiration was genuine. Is genuine.
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Lance Armstrong of the US speeds down Marie-Blanque pass during the 17th stage of the Tour de France cycling race over 174 kilometers (108.1 miles) wi

In building any case against Armstrong, Novitzky isn't just taking on another big-name athlete. He's chasing down an icon, an inspirational figure whose high-profile battle against cancer, and heroic fundraising efforts to fund research and support for cancer patients has transcended sports. "Does the public care about drugs in sports anymore? I don't think so," says Don Catlin, a pharmacologist and drug-testing pioneer who founded the UCLA Olympic Analytical Lab. "The public is pretty ho-hum. But people aren't exactly ho-hum when Lance Armstrong is involved."

A case against Armstrong could prove even more difficult, since the government has no positive steroid tests from the cyclist (that we know of). "Like everyone else, I want to know the truth about Lance Armstrong," says Catlin. "But I'm not sure the truth can be known, no matter how many millions we put into it."
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