Monday, July 26, 2010

The Boks Blapse - telling it like it is

SHOOT: Below the fold is a view from abroad, an extract from an article by Chris Rattue, placed in the comment section of an article by Gavin Rich. Link follows below.
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There is no disgrace in losing away games in the Tri-Nations, but the manner of the South African defeats reveals they are wasting their vast playing resources. A failure to eliminate poor discipline also indicates a leadership problem.
De Villiers is a faux test coach, a man who got his lines from a joke shop with a free Groucho moustache thrown in.
South Africa may feel the rest of the world is unduly harsh on de Villiers, but the rest of the rugby community can rightly feel miffed that the game’s leading team doesn’t take the job of head coach seriously enough.
Shame on the South African team management for strong-arming an apology out of former Wallaby Brendan Cannon, for calling de Villiers a clown.
The Springboks threatened to withdraw Fox Sport access to their team. South Africa, which is still trying to recover from years under an evil regime, should value the importance of free speech. And Fox should have backed Cannon.
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