Friday, July 09, 2010

Acsa's Hlahla becomes a laughing stock

Stephen Grootes: Hlahla has had a good run at Acsa, no planes have arrived on the ground unexpectedly, things have run on time, kind of, and more importantly for government, the company’s made buckets of cash. But she has showed her true colours this week. She should be cleared for departure.

SHOOT: It's been a brilliant World Cup that has gone more or less without slip up. More or less.

There’s some competition for the 2010 “Worst media move of the year award”. There’s Julius Malema’s “bloody agents” tirade, Sepp Blatter’s let’s-arrest-good-looking-girls-in-mini-skirts moment and, of course, “don’t touch me on my studio”. Now the head of Acsa, Monhla Hlahla, joins this esteemed group.

Then it happened. The spinning mistake of 2010. “Yes, but you know John, we can’t say our customers are wrong, that would be against African culture.”

Take a moment - let that sink in.

African culture. It means you can’t say customers are wrong.

PS. As this article was about to be published, Hlahla finally apologised on John Robbie Show saying Acsa would spend R400,000 to compensate the aggrieved passengers. Let's see, people who lost tens of thousands of rands, will now get less than R600 back for missing the game of their lives. And did we mention that Acsa made a billion rand in profit?

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