Thursday, June 03, 2010

Young couple discover they are brother and sister - decide to get married anyway

"We got on very well. We are very similar in what we like and dislike. We really hit it off. We agreed on everything. I'd been in relationships before but I just knew this was different."

SHOOT: Very different.
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A young Irish couple with a toddler have been left devastated after reportedly finding out they are, in fact, half brother and sister.

The pair, who grew up far apart and met two years ago, told Britain's The Mail on Sunday newspaper that DNA testing last month revealed they share the same father.

"When we found out that we were half-brother and half-sister, we were devastated," said James, who has decided to keep his family's identity a secret for the sake of their son.

The couple say they still plan to get married and have more children, despite being shocked and pained by the news.

"I'm not blind and I'm not oblivious to what people might think," James said.

Their decision to marry could present them with legal battles as their relationship is seen as illegal in the eyes of the law, the newspaper reported.

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Anonymous said...

He says he's not blind but he's definately selfish - why have MORE children!! Also cannot understand why they go public with the story - seems people will do anything for money nowadays. What a stuffed up world we live in and not only the inhabitants but the environment etc and people still want to become parents! What future do those children have?