Monday, June 21, 2010

Woman knocks over candle, three Mozambican resorts go up in flames

Most of the people who were staying at the three resorts - around 170 - returned to their homes shortly after the fire.

SHOOT: I bet she's at home now, sleeping with all the lights on.
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"It took us years to get the resorts to the level they were at. And within an hour, nothing was left," said Hilton Jessiman, co-owner of The Whaler, on Sunday.
Stuart Mather-Pike, owner of Simply Scuba, said a man who was staying at Dolphin EnCOuntours was woken by a noise at about 03:00.
When he went outside, a woman came running out of her bungalow wrapped in a towel, screaming "I knocked it over, I knocked it over."
This woman had apparently been sleeping with a candle next to her bed. She reportedly knocked it over in her sleep, causing the thatch roof to catch fire. The woman hasn't been seen since.
People grabbed fire extinguishers, but due to the height of the flames and wind, they couldn't prevent the fire from spreading to The Whaler. From there, the fire spread to Simply Scuba.
At Dolphin EnCOuntours and The Whaler, people walked away with only the clothes on their backs.
"We lost everything. We don't even have clothes, nothing. It's an absolute nightmare," said Jessiman.
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