Thursday, June 17, 2010

When life and death are more important than football

SHOOT: Africa still needs to learn to get is priorities straight. Higher standards, harder work, and make sure there is ordinary law and order and justice for the common man.Oh and the locals need to try not to be racist towards their own.
In Johannesburg, a poster celebrates the South Africa football team as the World Cup nears
"These South Africans they shout at us in the streets and they say after the World Cup we must go home."
The threats are not limited to random encounters on the street. Another young Zimbabwean said she had been insulted and told to pay a hefty bribe to renew her three-month permit to stay in South Africa. When she asked why, she was told "you shouldn't be here, it's time for you to go home".
Other migrants say they are routinely denied treatment at public hospitals.
A Nigerian woman said that she was threatened when she asked for her change on the bus to work. When she complained to the bus driver and asked for the money the other passengers jeered at her and told her to "go home".
Barbera is not reassured. She says that even in the public toilets she gets shouted at and told to get out. They yell that "Zimbabweans are making a mess".
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