Monday, June 14, 2010

Vuvuzella ban imminent

SHOOT: Why, it's such a beautiful sound?
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"We've tried to get some order. We did ask them no vuvuzela during national anthems, no vuvuzelas when anyone is making an announcement or talking. I know it's difficult but we try and manage as best we can," he said.

Asked whether a ban was possible, he said: "If there are grounds to do so, yes." He named throwing them onto the pitch as one possible reason to ban them.

Jordaan's sentiments appear to echo those of many South Africans who defended the vuvuzelas a year ago but are now falling out of love with them.

He said on a personal note that he prefers the singing in a football stadium - a tradition in most parts of the world which has not be heard so far in South Africa because f the vuvuzelas.

"My personal opinion is I of course I prefer singing ... It's always been a great generator of wonderful atmosphere in the stadiums and we will try and encourage people to sing.

"It is impossible to communicate, it's like being deaf," said Messi.

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