Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Viral Media Sites: Universal Principles

SHOOT: Once again Mashable comes up with excellent and very useful advice on the most relevant of social media topics, how to get your content to go viral.
clipped from mashable.com

1. Content is Everything

2. Simplicity

3. Emote

The brain is very good at making associations. If your content is able to get people to respond emotionally, get people to laugh and enjoy themselves, you’re gold. That emotional connection serves as a sort of glue, binding the association between your content or site and enjoyment and with each exposure to entertaining, funny, or otherwise emotionally provocative content, that association between “your site” and “totally amazing” becomes stronger and stronger.

4. Own Your Space

What do sites like Texts from Last Night, Urban Dictionary, My Mom is a Fob, and FML have in common? They’re all masters of their own space.

5. Share It

6. Protect Your Content

Set Google Alerts for your site’s name and even for popular content (if it’s text-based) so that you can be alerted to copycat websites or apps.

7. Listen

8. Don’t Force It

9. Love it, and Let it Go

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