Tuesday, June 15, 2010

US president to whop BP's ass on Thursday

SHOOT: There 5 accusations, and all basic relate to cutting corners and doing things on the cheap. BP could well face bankruptcy for their obsessive greediness, and I hope they do go down, as a lesson to others.
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Barack Obama

Tony Hayward, BP's chief executive, was served notice on Monday by the committee on energy and commerce that it intends to subject him to the most rigorous inquisition the company has yet faced in the 56-day-old crisis. A letter from the committee's chairman, Henry Waxman, said "time after time, it appears BP made decisions that increased the risk of a blowout to save the company time or expense".

Obama will hold his first meeting with a team of top BP staff led by the chairman, Carl-Henric Svanberg, and expected to include Hayward who has so far avoided a face-to-face encounter with the president.

Five days before the 20 April explosion, the letter contends, BP was warned by its own drilling engineer that this was a "nightmare well". Yet the firm went on to make five crucial decisions that the committee alleges put profit before safety.

The 'ass kickers'

Henry Waxman

Ed Markey

Robert Gibbs

Thad Allen

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