Monday, June 07, 2010

South Africanisms you should know

MY CHINA: Or just "China". An affectionate term similar to "boet". "Howzit China" is a standard South African greeting. Except when meeting an actual Chinese person. Then you probably shouldn't say it.

SHOOT: Some useful advice here. There's also 'vrek' which means 'dead' and 'fok' [fork] which is the 'F' word in Afrikaans. Invaluable advice I know
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ROBOT: When you're asking for directions and someone says: "Left at the third robot," it is not because our streets are overrun with menacing cyborgs made by Japanese scientists. No. A robot is simply our word for traffic light.

STOEP: A verandah or porch.

NOOIT (NOYT): Expression of disbelief or disdain. As in "Aah, nooit! There's chewing gum on my seat!" or "When I saw that advert with Ronaldo striking a homoerotic pose in a pair of tight underpants, I just thought 'Nooit, bru!'"

NOW-NOW: Not to be confused with "Just now". Now-now is a much smaller indeterminate amount of time. Hmm. Don't worry - you'll get it.


KAK (KUK): Literally "shit". Popular uses include "What a load of kak" and "Don't talk kak".

IS IT?: Actually pronounced "uzz ut". It's a casual way of saying "Oh really?". Usage: "Dude, I saw Messi coming out of a ladies toilet yesterday." "Uzz ut?"

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