Monday, June 14, 2010

SOUTH AFRICA WORLD CUP: Riots, violence, reports of explosion outside Durban Stadium

@ColinUdoh: BIG TROUBLE at Durban Stadium!! Something just exploded. outside. Media being forced to stay inside the Media Centre. Now they are blocking the doors and those of us outside had to force our way back inside the media centre as they threatened to shoot again. Stun grenades were fired (I got a used canister) and there was a mad scramble.
One protester was hurt.

Their grievances are two-fold. 1. They are not being paid enough, and want more. 2. There is a disparity in payments
Some get paid R190/day, others get R205/day. But they are demanding at least R1500. Right now, negotiations are going on

SHOOT: Via in situ Nigerian football journalist, Colin Udoh.
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DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA (WIREUPDATE) — Breaking News from Durban – the site of one of the World Cup stadiums – this early Monday, where riots have broken out and sent the area into utter chaos.

According to reports, riot police have dispersed HUNDREDS of protesters outside Durban Stadium, hours after Germany vs. Australia which ended in 4 – 0. According to unconfirmed reports,hundreds of stewards at Durban Stadium are protesting, saying they were getting not enough payment for their work from stadium owners.

Police have fired back with stun grenades and media has been forced to stay in their media center. The stun grenade explosions rocked the area, making people fear it could be a terrorist attack. However, it is not.

It was not immediately clear if there were any injuries or fatalities from the incident, and confirmed information was sparse. The incident began just before 1 a.m. local time. It is also not clear yet if any people have been arrested.

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