Tuesday, June 15, 2010

South Africa's shocking public transport denies fans access to gaims, as strikes loom, train takes strain

SHOOT: I believe we'll experience a backlash as the level of overall dissatisfaction manifests in overseas papers and finally makes its way here. While South Africans are still blowing on their trumpets I suspect they'll finally hear the chorous of discord coming from numerous overseas sources. This comes from a failure to listen and exercise common sense, also known as arrogance. South Africa is full of it.
clipped from www.sport24.co.za

Johannesburg - A strike by some Rea Vaya bus drivers at Soccer City on Monday afternoon has left nearly a thousand fans looking for alternative transport, the company said.

"Some Rea Vaya Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) bus drivers embarked on an illegal work stoppage during the course of this activity (transporting fans from the Denmark versus Netherlands match)," said Clidet CEO Jackie Huntley in a statement.

Clidet is the company which manages Rea Vaya.

Huntley said the company was putting in place contingency plans to take back fans who arrived from the Constitution Hill Park and Ride and from Soweto.

Clidet was considering taking "decisive action" against the drivers and was formulating plans for Tuesday's match.

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