Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Social media noise: tips on how to communicate correctly

Two messages per day is a minimum unless you want your messages to get lost in the background.

SHOOT: I think there is a greater risk of not contributing than contributing too much. I'd add another tip to these from Alistair Fairweather, and that is, be consistent. A consistent volume is more likely to be tolerated than one that appears random.
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1. The platform matters

All social mediums are not created equal. Twitter is essentially a public forum whose posts are limited to just 140 characters. This makes it relatively noise tolerant because its users don’t see it as an inbox (which must be actively managed) so much as a global stream of consciousness.

RULE OF THUMB: On public channels like Twitter eight or ten messages a day should be ok. On private ones like Facebook, more than four is pushing your luck.

2. Age is important

Users younger than 25 years old are generally more noise tolerant, regardless of platform.

RULE OF THUMB: If your audience is between 30 and 45, tone your frequency down by about 25%. If they are older than 45, reduce it by 50%. Conversely if they are under 16, experiment with pumping it up by 25%.

3. Brand attachment counts
RULE OF THUMB: New brands need to post less often and with more impact.
4. The value of the message is vital
5. Less is not always more
6. It’s a conversation, silly
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