Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Simple Secret to Writing Better Blog Posts

How much time are you actually putting into practising your writing?

SHOOT: Blog often, about what interests you. Care about your audience, but care more that your own work interests [not merely entertains] you. Remember also that your work and the content you put up reflects you - so keep your standards up to scratch.
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The Simple Secret to Writing Better Blog Posts (for New Bloggers… and Beyond)

It’s just another skill

Here’s the thing, people: If you’re not writing every day then you’re not writing often enough. If you’re writing one post and then not writing for more than a day or two, then you’re making it harder on yourself.

Becoming an expert in the skill of writing
I am saying that you need to practice your writing every day if you want to become good at it. Half an hour at least.
Regular doesn’t mean annually

Just like any other skill you’ve learned in your lifetime, writing needs to be practised regularly. And I don’t mean regularly as in once a month or once a year. Would your tennis game improve if you only practiced once a month for an hour or two?

The aim is to practice, not be perfect

Some of what you write is going to be rubbish. You’re going to hate it. That’s ok. Delete the document and keep on practicing. The point of practice is to improve long term, not to write a perfect post every time.

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