Friday, June 18, 2010

Parreira pissed off with Bafana

SHOOT: Parriera did emphasise to his charges to mark Forlan. Was it a lapse of concentration, or laziness, or the tension getting to them? Because it was Forlan that was their undoing. The mark of a champion is self belief, self discipline and keeping your head. Bafana seem a little weak in all three these respects, but they have the game against France to redeem themselves.
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“He (Parreira) wasn’t happy at all and made it clear that he can’t accept such silly mistakes, not at a World Cup stage. He said we were going to get punished even more if we kept on like that, obviously referring to Aaron’s mistake when he played on three Mexican players,” revealed one source.
He went on, “There are players that seem to be guaranteed places in the team, despite their lacklustre performances. We were let down by the same players against Mexico and were at it again on Thursday night.” 
“We were told about Diego Forlan since last week. The coach kept telling us not to allow him any space and that we should press our opponents and what happened?..... The guy was allowed ample time on the ball and the less said about his first goal, the better!”
This is really bad because there are guys who can do a better job but they’re not even being considered. There’s a lot of unhappy faces in the camp and it will be interesting to see what happens in our last game,” concluded the source
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