Saturday, June 19, 2010

Nothing but a drone

There was the chanting of "Feeeesh", "Rhooo" and "Shoooes" when some of our old favourites touched the ball. Now what do the players hear? There's genuine passion, a voice of South Africa, not a mindless, rhythm-less, monotonous drone.

SHOOT: All the vuvuzela lovers, careful, that might be all this World Cup is remembered for.
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We may want to have others take a piece of our culture with them, but how about us also having a peek at some of theirs too instead of drowning it out with endless, tuneless plastic trumpet blowing.

Actually who claimed that blowing a vuvuzela was part of the football watching culture in South Africa? That's a load of utter BS.

I can remember going to Soweto Derbies at what was once called FNB Stadium and watching a number of qualifying ties Bafana played on their way to the 1998 World Cup, and if I saw five vuvuzelas then that was a lot.

Maybe a couple of guys with real kudu horns, but that was it, and it was part of the atmosphere, it didn't overwhelm it. The tradition of singing Shosholoza at South African sporting events, started at football matches, as did numerous other songs that my being limited to English and Afrikaans as spoken languages prevented me from learning.
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