Sunday, June 13, 2010

No vuvuzelas inside Sandton City

SHOOT: South Africans seem to think that blowing a Vuvuzela is their national duty. It's the only way to express support for their country and their soccer team. It doesn't seem to matter that it offends a lot of people - visitors and players alike, or that it's actually harmful. There's a time and a place for everything, and for doing your thing in moderation and with consideration for others.

I predict the crap will still hit the fan as more and more complaints will be lodged, but gonna be tough for anyone to listen with that insane racket going on.

Sandton City said they would stop fans blowing vuvuzelas within the confines of the shopping centre.

Mothers with young children had been complaining about the incessant trumpeting affecting their toddler’s ears.
However, soccer fans and tourists can still make a noise at Nelson Mandela square and on the roof.
Centre manager, Sharon Swain said they were trying to keep everyone happy:
“We’ve tried controlling the blowing of vuvuzelas in enclosed environments. We encourage our shoppers who want to do that to go into the square and open spaces where they can do it without disturbing [other] shoppers,” said Swain.
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