Tuesday, June 08, 2010

New Zealand's All Whites find SA field stinky

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A long, leg-cramping flight from Austria to South Africa had the New Zealand team looking to get a bit of exercise once it landed, so it headed for its training ground where it was met by a stinky, lung-smothering surprise guest.

Just before the team arrived a solid, smelly fog descended on the pitch of Sinaba Stadium and made it difficult to breath or even see the corner flags.

As the players waited in the bus outside the stadium, the All Whites management team spent nearly half an hour debating whether they would call off the training.

And so the team breathed in that lung-ravaging stench during a light kick-around, which caused asthma sufferers Simon Elliot and Andy Boyens to hit their inhalers after just a few minutes.

Interestingly, the local South African staff on the sidelines were bemused by all the fuss and could not see why a bit of smog could stop a training session of a national team.

I would make a joke here, but the fact that they're so used to smog like that is pretty awful.
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