Saturday, June 12, 2010

New York Times writer does PR for BP - WTF

SHOOT: What is Ron Lieber doing defending BP and encouraging people to fill up at BP service stations on the New York Times? Muddying the issue, fudging the math. Ron - I don't know who pays your salary but it's quite simple really. If BP puts its brand on something, that's their product. They're responsible. End of story. All along BP have been trying to dodge the numbers and spin their way out of this. And you're helping them. WTF is *wrong* with you?
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With each day that oil fouls the Gulf of Mexico, more drivers are weighing a choice at intersections across the United States: if BP is on the left and some other station is on the right, is filling up at BP an endorsement of the company’s conduct?

Advocacy organizations like Public Citizen urge consumers to stay away from BP stations. About 550,000 Facebook users have clicked the “Like” button on the Boycott BP page. And angry people have picketed at BP stations.

People who still need a short-term hit of righteousness may continue to avoid filling up at BP stations. But it would be nice if they picked up a week’s worth of milk from a BP mini-mart on the way home at night. That way, the station owners don’t suffer as much.

Then, the next morning, all of those drivers ought to go shopping for a hybrid.

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