Saturday, June 12, 2010

Manage Your Time Effectively

SHOOT: A to-do list, sure, what about a diary and a calendar?
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  • Create a Simple "To-do" List: While long-range calendars are great for big-picture planning, a checklist that covers a single day is much easier to swallow. Sit down at the beginning of every week to get an idea of what each day will bring, and then find a time to work in everything else that needs to be done.
  • Family life can seem like a blur sometimes, but practicing some time management skills can make things a little easier.
    Kids can help out and make their own to-do lists.

    4. Get Routines Down

    Getting weekly routines down, like soccer matches, can make life easier.

    2. Hold Family Meetings

    1. Learn to Say "No"

    Juggling commitments can put a lot of stress on family life, so only do what you're able to do.

    Juggling family life isn't easy, but hopefully these top five time management tools will put you on the right track. See the links on the next page for lots more information about organizing your family's busy life.

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